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CogniTrek offers an AI-based ETL-automation tool for companies that have multiple data sources and need to gain insights from them quickly. CogniTrek automates the Data Modeling and automatic generation of Data Marts by recognizing relationships between disparate data sources, discovering dependencies and automatically generates ETL/ELT code to provide timely no-code solutions ready for data consumption.

Unlike ETL tools that rely on source-provided metadata, CogniTrek utilizes state-of-the-art AI and Machine Learning algorithms to identify the critical components needed to model, build and productionalize a Data Warehouse. Therefore, instead of wasting valuable human effort in the modeling, deployment, and maintenance of the whole ETL process, CogniTrek automates them and minimizes the needed human effort to 10% of the effort required in traditional endeavors.

Benefits in Data Modelling

Source Data Exploration & Discovery

Automatic discovery of all metadata (schemas, relationships, ER model) of Data Lakes containing files from disparate source systems.

Reduce time & cost by eliminating manual Data Modelling



Generation of Dimensional Data Models and Data Marts

Automatically suggested relevant data marts based on the identified relationships between data.

Reduce time & cost by eliminating manual Dimensional Modelling



GUI-based fine tuning of models

Business users can modify and enhance the ER and Dimensional models without deep technical knowledge.

Business and Data specialists can consume data without relying on IT



Benefits in Data Processing

ETL Automation

Simplify data movement by eliminating manual effort around ETL. Instead, use generated ETL code that refreshes the target Lakehouse regularly.

Significantly reduce time to market and the total cost of ETL



Schema drift capabilities

Identify changes in source schema on-the-fly in the Production setting and automate adopting target models to accept the modified schema. No downtime or manual intervention is required.

Reduces development time and cost and simplifies complexity of the ongoing maintenance (less risk)



Full support of Slowly Changing Dimensions

Automatically handle SCD0, SCD1 & SCD2, orchestration and late arriving dimensions

Reduces development time and cost

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