Data Integration, Big Data and Data Science made simple

Key Technical Expertise

Big Data Development & Innovation

  • Proof of concepts (exploring functional concepts)
  • Proof of technologies (exploring new components)

Data Factory 

  • Data Integration and Data Ingestion
  • Data Science, including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Visualization

On-premise or in the cloud

  • Expertise with AWS
  • Expertise with Azure


Artificial Intelligence to speed up the cumbersome task of data engineering

CogniTrek offers an AI-based ETL-automation tool for companies that have multiple data sources and need to gain insights from them quickly. CogniTrek automates the Data Modeling and automatic generation of Data Marts by recognizing relationships between disparate data sources, discovering dependencies and automatically generates ETL/ELT code to provide timely no-code solutions ready for data consumption.

Unlike ETL tools that rely on source-provided metadata, CogniTrek utilizes state-of-the-art AI and Machine Learning algorithms to identify the critical components needed to model, build and productionalize a Data Warehouse. Therefore, instead of wasting valuable human effort in the modeling, deployment, and maintenance of the whole ETL process, CogniTrek automates them and minimizes the needed human effort to 10% of the effort required in traditional endeavors.

CogniTrek recognizes data types in the modeling phase, identifies primary keys, recognizes relationships, and suggests source-driven data marts. In addition, it identifies data outliers and performs data cleansing and standardization. Likewise, it facilitates maintaining SCD types 0, 1, and 2 automatically. Requirement-driven data marts are also facilitated by offering various computed and derived data.

CogniTrek tracks schema drifting in the production setting, and if allowed, it automatically reflects the new schema of the data in all dependent zones – both dimensions and fact tables. Likewise, it supports complete data lineage visualization and tracking each record to its origin or destination. Error handling also allows for reprocessing late-arriving data. Different processing orchestration and scheduling are supported – per defined schedule or event-triggered.

Embedded AI to scale foundational analytics.

CogniTrek solves the most common obstacle to business analytics: automate the preparation of data for data analysis and exploration.

McKinsey Global Institute predicts that by 2030, 70% of companies might have adopted at least one type of AI technology. This represents a potential to deliver additional global economic activity of around $13 trillion?

Gartner believes that by 2021, 75% of prebuilt reports will be replaced or augmented with automated insights.

“Analytics technology has evolved to a point where it adapts to the needs of employees and customers. Users are no longer forced to adopt traditional approaches,” adds Alexander Linden, research vice president at Gartner.

Key success factor to scale analytics

While organizations from all industries have been fighting for years to scale their business analytics capabilities and are now massively adopting Data Lake architectures and Hadoop platforms to try to accelerate the development of their analytic maturity, one basic fundamental obstacle remains: data preparation is complex and lengthy.

To this date, data preparation remains the biggest impediment to analytics’ time to market.

CogniTrek solves this challenge by using its own Artificial Intelligence engine to automate the data preparation cycle

Self-service analytics is the key

While data scientists around the world will work on specific algorithms solving specific problems such as diagnostic of diseases in the healthcare industry or predictive maintenance in the transportation and logistics industry, CogniTrek addresses an additional complementary problem: analytics for the masses.

CogniTrek automates and simplifies the preparation of data so all business analysts, from all lines of business, can benefit from self-service analytics to accelerate their job and make their life easier!

Health-care use case.

The German healthcare system is massively engaging in a digitization journey to realize the EUR 34.01 billion in potential business value generated by better using data:

  • CogniTrek can reduce the data preparation effort by 50% or more to medical planning teams further understand the shifts in the demand for the numerous complex services, easily providing them with detailed facts, complementary to their day to day observations, to support physician groups to deliver alternate costeffective ways to provision care.

  • CogniTrek can speed up by 50% the time for medical management teams to analyze patterns throughout the care continuum, allowing them to quickly adapt valuebased care models to reduce “waste”, decrease utilization and improve unit-cost managemen

Transportation and logistics use case.

A major North-American multimodal transportation company is launching a strategic initiative to enhance its self-service offering to business users and empowering them to scale business analytics capabilities:

  • CogniTrek can reduce the data preparation effort by 50% or more to help mechanical teams better understand their operations, easily providing them with historical insights to make an impact in their day to day maintenance work and extending the life of equipment and assets.

  • CogniTrek can speed up by 50% the time for Procurement teams to analyze their detailed spend, giving them time to generate massive benefits for the organization, notably in optimizing on-time fuel spend.

Why CogniTrek?

CogniTrek Corp. has a track record of delivering effective and efficient Business Intelligence and Data warehouse solutions through a combination of Consulting and Development Services.

Leveraging our proven BI project accelerators, methods and tools, we have the know how to hit the ground running. We’ll collaborate with your team to rapidly deliver actionable information to your business stakeholders.

The CogniTrek team consists of world-class researchers, and developers lead by founder of the first columnar database on the market and developers involved in the creation of the technology behind Netezza and Infobright.

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